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My first venture into the blogosphere. I hope y'all enjoy what you read, and are maybe even enlightened along the way.

I’ve been hurt so bad and I still love so hard. I admire my heart for that.

—Unknown (via mourningmelody)

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I want to let go. I want to walk away from what we had and make every day a conscious step towards something more positive, something where I don’t factor someone into my life who no longer cares about me. I want to be brave in a way I always used to be, but haven’t been for some time. I want to return to the me who laughs at jokes the loudest and is always up to try something new. I miss her, and at times have almost forgotten who she is. Part of me believes that the moment I truly let you go will be the moment I get her back.

—Chelsea Fagan (via westorientaletters)

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Whoever tells you that others don’t control your happiness is full of shit. Your happiness is heavily dependent on the actions and words of others.